25. Kusochek 2.0 - Saffy Mirghani

25. Kusochek 2.0 - Saffy Mirghani

This week, Lara interviews Saffy Mirghani, a PhD student at SSEES and current editor-in-chief of UCL SSEES’s postgrad run academic journal, Slovo.

Show notes

Saffy talks about her research into the influence of literary legend Fyodor Dostoevsky on African American literature and the Blackness of Alexander Pushkin. Saffy talks about her favourite novels and recommends the best way for newbies to Russian literature to get into Dostoevsky. She also discusses the existential themes of suffering, salvation and oppression that appear in Dostoevsky’s work and subsequently relate to African American slave culture in African American literature. Saffy also explains why it is argued that Pushkin had an affinity to black culture through his own suffering and feeling like an outsider due to his heritage. Tune in to hear more of Saffy’s fascinating perspective on Russian literature and her and recommendation on how to get a well-rounded insight into Russian culture. Saffy is in her second year of her PhD and hopes to contribute a valuable piece of scholarship to an otherwise not hugely written about topic. She has ambitions to pursue either academia or creative writing or both once her thesis is done.

Find Saffy here: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/ssees/saffy-mirghani Find Slovo, UCL SSEES’s academic journal here: https://student-journals.ucl.ac.uk/slovo/ Find Nabokov’s lecture on Dostoevsky here: https://www.nytimes.com/1981/08/23/magazine/nabokov-on-dostoyevsky.html Find the SRB podcast here: https://srbpodcast.org/

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